Brew like Bitches

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Bitches Brew isn't some wicked cocktail. Read it in the imperative: brew, you bitches! It is, in fact, the name of a groundbreaking 1970's Miles Davis' album. Davis gave his studio musicians surprisingly little information on what to play during the recording sessions. Instead, he would give instructions on the spot, basically telling his bitches to brew. More than 40 years later, a new generation of degenerate musicians, math professors, graphic artists and video jockeys started brewing again.

With stunning visuals, a shared Ableton evironment, plenty of horns and instruments like the keytar and the EWI, these bitches live for the live experience. When asked what their music’s like, they utter only random words: electronic, steamy, late night, pounding pounding, dirty dancing. When asked which chakra is stimulated, they’ll tell you it’s the sacral one.

Horns, dirty basses, raps and a stunning variety of genres and vocals come together in tunes so catchy they'll break your skull wide open. Electronic music in their hearts, these bitches musical scars are plentiful, permanent and audible: reggae, dubstep, trap, jazz, balkan, lounge, hip-hop. Vocals can be insourced because two bitches can sing, but they’re just as often outsourced from the global market with current contributions from Sweden, Jamaica and the US.