Brew like Bitches

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the idea

Bitches Brew was formed mid 2015 to provide audiences with an awesome live musical experience and to prove genres suck. Each member is a professional musician with experience in different bands and projects. United, Bitches Brew makes things bigger, better and more exciting.

Bitches Brew has been an overall concept from the start. It’s the band asking the De Mets Bro’s to bring to life a 1980’s Miami Vice inspired animated world with an addicted Lizard named Bruce at its center. It’s visual artist DAXX synchronising live visuals in the background while the Bitches, in full suit designed by Astrid Michaelis, some looking like Bruce himself, mash up the stage.

Songs are conceived in an Ableton environment shared by Dizzy, Jackson and Math G. The three of them aren’t just producers, they’re the horn section as well. Rapper Notizz commands some serious stage presence and spits lyrics like venom. You’d never know he’s such a friendly guy. In the opposite corner stands singer Lazy T. Jack of all trades, and about 40 other bands for that matter, T’s the kind looking one. You’d never know he’s mean as hell.

“It doesn’t stop with good music” must be Jackson’s favorite saying. He sees a shirt print and thinks “the bitches can do it better”. He’s drinking a local beer whiledreaming about a Bitches Brewery. The merch must be awesome: think 80’s fluorescent golf caps and wrist bands, most of them pink or orange. 



Central character in Bitches Brew’s stories, songs and videos is Bruce, the addicted pet Leguana of a 1980’s Miami druglord and his wife. Way ahead of his time, Bruce practices free love and experiments with drugs eagerly. We follow Bruce on his escapades and find out why the hell he arrived in Antwerp on a container ship and is tearing down the city’s party scene.

Being a reptilian, Bruce is basically about food, partying and sex. Pretty normal, seeing that the reptilian is the only animal whose brains didn’t evolve for millions of years. And even today, all human behaviour is a constant inner struggle between the cortex (the part of the brain where complex thinking occurs), the limbic brain (where habits and emotions are stored) and the reptilian brain (responsible for instintive behaviour and basic bodily functions). In the end, the reptilian always wins, so we don’t even bother. 


the band


Bitches Brew isn't some wicked cocktail. Read it in the imperative: brew, you bitches! It is, in fact, the name of a groundbreaking 1970's Miles Davis' album. Davis gave his studio musicians surprisingly little information on what to play during the recording sessions. Instead, he would give instructions on the spot, basically telling his bitches to brew. More than 40 years later, a new generation of degenerate musicians, math professors, graphic artists and video jockeys started brewing again.

With stunning visuals, a shared Ableton evironment, plenty of horns and instruments like the keytar and the EWI, these bitches live for the live experience. When asked what their music’s like, they utter only random words: electronic, steamy, late night, pounding pounding, dirty dancing. When asked which chakra is stimulated, they’ll tell you it’s the sacral one.

Horns, dirty basses, raps and a stunning variety of genres and vocals come together in tunes so catchy they'll break your skull wide open. Electronic music in their hearts, these bitches musical scars are plentiful, permanent and audible: reggae, dubstep, trap, jazz, balkan, lounge, hip-hop. Vocals can be insourced because two bitches can sing, but they’re just as often outsourced from the global market with current contributions from Sweden, Jamaica and the US.



Geert ‘Dr. Dizzy’ Vrolix / production, sax, keys, vocals / Merdan Taplak Orkestar, Sweet Coffee

Bram ‘Jackson’ Coumans / production, sax, EWI / Merdan Taplak Orkestar, Krema Kawa, Buscemi

Glen ‘Math G’ Magerman / production, trompet, keys / Merdan Taplak Orkestar, Eli Paperboy Reed, Think of One, Hooverphonic, Electric Quartet

Tom ‘Lazy T’ Olaerts / vocals, bass, guitar

K. ‘Notizz’ Coleman / vocals, raps

Dax Geyskens / visuals and creative works / Radical G, Tomorrowland


Technical Crew

Gilles Dandelooy / front of house mixing

Kurt Vandebroek / front of house mixing

Thomas Van Leuven / light technician

Artistic Crew

Vincent en Laurens De Mets / graphics

Astrid Michaelis / costumes / School is Cool, Theater Froefroe, Johan Simons (DL), Opera van Dijon

the music

So far we’ve dropped our first release “Sub One Sessions”, 11 tracks, a furious mixture of noise, broken beats, dub, rap, dancehall, soul and jazz.

We have an other bunch of tracks all ready in our studio!

the live show

What it's all about. Here's a snippet of us performing Coke and Beer on the FocusFocus club festival at CafeCafe in Genk


the future

We’ll keep on engaging fans with interesting online content on our website, Facebook and Instagram page. There’s lots more video teasers to drop, pics of course (gigs, behind the scenes, graphics) and then there’s Bruce’s story. For some reason Bruce turned up in the underground Antwerp/Belgian party scene, so it’ll be intriguing to find out how that happened.

Our coolest content so far are obviously our video teasers. Check them out. There’s more on the site. 


Our first gigs are coming up and obviously our main focus at this stage is building a fan base with our live shows, supported by our social media presence.

Yes, the merch will include shirts but most of it’s gonna be specialty items straight out of Bruce’s world, mid 80’s style. That means golf caps, wrist and head sweat bands, and Magnum PI like loud print shirts.

In conclusion, we feel like there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the whole project. A lot of talented people from different professional and artistic background have come together and believe there’s magic in the air. If somebody had to pay the flat market value for everything that’s been developed so far, it would have cost him a pretty penny. But in Bitches Brew’s world, nobody’s counting, certainly not Bruce.